Check out my book series, LYRIC!

Well, I haven’t posted here for a bit because I’ve been rather occupied with all things kid. Never a dull moment around here, let me tell you.

I’ve also decided to go the indie route for my two-part book series, LYRIC. I got it professionally edited and everything. I’m such a grown-up, I can’t even stand myself.

It’s a middle grade adventure story with a strong, funny heroine who has to use her music to save the world. Not exactly the kind of stuff that makes blockbuster-churners squeal with dollar signs in their eyes, but I’ve put it out into the world for all to see. It’s up at Amazon and Smashwords, and a print copy will be available soon.

Here are the links, if you are interested.

‘Lyric the Unknown’ Amazon :

‘Lyric the Unknown’ Smashwords :

‘Lyric & Melody’ Amazon :

‘Lyric & Melody’ Smashwords :

Thanks, everyone. Have a good one! If anyone does decide to read them, I’d love to know what you think.


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