Indie Book Reviews – Dark Prophecy by J.N. Colon

I am new to this series, and I didn’t even know there was a one and a two before it. I just plunged right into three, and if Greek mythology is something you like, then you’ll probably enjoy ‘Divine Darkness: Dark Prophecy’ which is actually book three of the series.

Hades and Zeus have fallen in love with the same girl: Hartley. She is tied to the Underworld in a way explained in the previous books, and I’m going to have go back and find out for myself what that’s all about, but the author does a decent job of bringing everyone up to speed. Hades and Zeus have real world alter egos: Hayden and Zeke. Zeke (Zeus) makes a deal with Hecate that Hartley can lead a normal life, but only if Hayden forgets about her, and vice versa.

I don’t normally read mythological romance, but I found myself enjoying this book. I loved the Percy Jackson books, and at times, this felt like a grown-up version of those. There are nice little touches throughout of the gods trying to blend in with the real world, such as Hermes wearing Chuck Taylor’s, and all of them having to rely on cell phones.

One thing that I could suggest for the author next time is more pith in the character descriptions. They were good, but leave a little more to the reader’s imagination. That might just be a personal preference, but it is my review, after all.

I can honestly recommend Dark Prophecy, even if you haven’t read any of the other books in the series. The mythology adds a nice layer to the love triangle that takes it out of the tried-and-true realms that so much YA falls into. Well done, Ms. Colon.

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